If you have an allergy

Allergens present that form part of the 14 allergens designated under EU consumer law are indicated in red in the description of each food item listed on our catering service page.

Please be aware that although all our items are vegan, as defined by the Vegan Society, some of the ingredients used for certain items may have been produced in environments handling allergens including dairy, nuts, etc., meaning that trace amounts of certain allergens might be present. If you are concerned about possible traces of allergens, please inform us and we’ll see if we can meet your needs.

If you have a particular allergy/intolerence to an item not listed among the 14 regulated allergens, please contact us.


If you have coeliac disease

If you have coeliac disease, please note that while we have indicated (e.g. on our catering service page) many items that do not have gluten-containing ingredients, and while we endeavour to minimise cross-contamination, our kitchen is not a gluten-free environment and so we regret we’re unable to guarantee that non-gluten-containing items will be completely free of trace amounts of gluten.

However, upon request, we can take extra measures to exclude gluten-containing items from our kitchen while making your food. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.